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studio torresi - logo"studio torresi" was established as a firm in 1952 in Fermo and since then it works in the field of private and public construction, building recovery, planimetric and altimetric surveys for roads and perimetration of plots and any kind of building.

In the early '80s it expands its activities to urban planning, historic buildings restoration, ecology and urban design.
In the early '90s, after having obtained specific academic titles, commits itself in the Bio-architecture field with high quality works and clever devices according to the dictates of an architecture in harmony with nature and surrounding environment also in a difficult filed like restoration in which the firm experiences biocompatible materials and re-invents ancient techniques in order to affect the less possible the historical structures. In this period the firm together with chemists and restorers also experiences double-skin concrete core walls rising humidity reduction systems which helped to define standard works also appreciated abroad described also in important international publications.
In 1999 was published "Centro storico di Grottammare: analisi e criteri per il recupero" containing chemical and physical analysis of masonry and binders with the basic instructions for the use of materials compatible with historical ones and a study of the deterioration of the binders of the historic buildings used as a guideline for the "Prontuario del recupero" attached in the Historic Centre Recovery Plan now representing the guideline for future works.
In the early 2000 the research activity intensifies and in 2004 was published the "Manuale del Recupero dei Centri Storici della Provincia di Ascoli Piceno" which , with a circulation of thousands copies, becomes a landmark for all Historic Centres Recovery Plans of the Province of Ascoli Piceno. It is also in this period the firm great commitment in the field of International Cooperation in particular on Historic Centres Recovery and development and historic centres and buildings seismic risk, the importance of the results of these studies is described in several books published in Italy and abroad.
The firm also begins the consultancy with important international partners in the fields of restoration, historic-architectural building recovery and reduction of the seismic risk in the Historic Centres.
From 2004 the firm works for the Province of Ascoli Piceno together with important international partners for the study and development of a large area of 24 municipalities of the Valdaso (a river valley 60 Km long) from the "Parco Marino Piceno" to the "Monti Sibillini National Park". The research is still on and lead to the definition of the guidelines for the sustainable development and a "Piano Direttore Intercomunale", a common plan, shared by the 24 municipalities .
The entire operation will end with the definition of a "Geographical Area Brand" featuring each product and all the activities, cultural, touristic and productive, within the Valdaso.


About us
"studio torresi" firm comes from an intuition of Gino Torresi in 1952 when he decided to create a consulting and designing structure supporting the public sector, companies and private individuals. This activity together with the prior attention on the research, the quality and the respect for the environment is unchanged today and it is one of the main features of the firm.
The firm, thanks to its activities and consultancy demands from international research centres, gained stature results and high quality innovative works.


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