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Theater of Altidona - ProgettoThe restoration project involves the construction of an outer skin of the building bricks of recovery, so as to minimize the difference with the other buildings in the Old Town and the castle walls below.

It is envisaged the demolition of the floor covering is no longer suitable and reconstruction with steel beams, planks of wood and concrete layer.

The need to find space for the dressing rooms of the players has recommended the creation of a cover over the existing railing, which allows the recovery of four small rooms, bathrooms and related equipment rooms in the attic.

Teatro di Altidona - Prospetto Ovest

The redesign of the main facade, on the basis of patterns derived from theatrical structures dating to shortly before the building in question is a necessity for the recognition of the building than the rest of the ancient city.

Teatro di Altidona - Sezione

The need for a multipurpose use of the structure and the limited availability of alternative spaces requires flexible solutions that enable a reconfiguration of spaces according to different needs and therefore are expected to realize a mobile stage that can allow different levels of use more higher than the audience for theatrical performances and the same share of this at photographic or art exhibitions.


Theater of Altidona Theater of Altidona
Theater of Altidona Theater of Altidona