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- HORIZON 2020 - call H2020-DRS7-2014 – project ID: 653403-


HORIZON 2020 - call for proposal rEUsilience2020 project - call H2020-DRS-2014 – project ID: 653403 - submitted EU – Funding Programme HORIZON2020 Challenge: “Secure societies – Protecting freedom and....

Horizon 2020

BUDGET: 4,99 mln €


Francesco Gastaldi – IUAV Venezia - Coordinator

Fabrizio Torresi, Natalino Barbizzi – Senior Project Manager/Coordinator

Andrea Carosi, Paolo Vallesi, Marta Lupetti – Junior Project Manager

Maria Morici, Annalisa Paccapelo, Enrica Verducci - EU Project Expert

HORIZON 2020 - call for proposal rEUsilience2020 project - call H2020-DRS-2014 – project ID: 653403 - submitted EU – Funding Programme HORIZON2020 Challenge: “Secure societies – Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens”, Crisis Management TOPIC 7: CRISIS AND DISASTER RESILIENCE - OPERATIONALIZING RESILIENCE CONCEPTS (DRS-7 2014). Lead Partner: University of Venice (IUAV, Prof. Francesco Gastaldi). Project Manager and Coordinator: ISLA. The overall objective of rEUsilience2020 project is enhance the resilience of urban and regional complex systems against natural disasters (e.g. earthquakes, floods, landslides, forest fires) and considering related cascading effects and the impacts of climate change on EU scale, in order to reduce the loss of human life, environmental, economic and material damage. The rEUsilience2020 project wants to define shared EU Resilience Management Guidelines for risk mitigation planning and resilience assessment in urban and regional complex systems (EU-RMG), identifying structural, scientific and technologically advanced solutions to effectively respond to specific emergency conditions. The project will carry out a review of the efficiency for three urban (Lisbon/PT, Izmir/TR, Bristol/UK) and five regional (Aso River Valley/IT, Goriska Brda cross border area/SI-IT, Garrotxa/Catalonia/SPA, Kefallonia/GR, Curonian Spit area/LT) systems, to establish their resilience. The EU-RMG will be defined as a reference tool for all the levels of planning, from the emergency plans (Civil Protection Plans) to urban and regional planning (Regional Plans, Municipality Master Plans, Industrial Development Plans, Agricultural Areas Plans, Infrastructure Plans etc.). The Consortium is composed of 18 partners (university, Sme and NgO) from 12 EU countries.

Horizon 2



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