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TOPIC : Critical Infrastructure Protection topic 2: Demonstration activity on tools for adapting building and infrastructure standards and design methodologies in vulnerable locations in the case of natural or man-originated catastrophes

Types of action:

RIA Research and Innovation action


Proposal acronym





: H2020-DRS-2015

Type of action



: DRS-13-2015

BUDGET: 4,15 mln €


Francesco Musco – IUAV Venezia - Coordinator

Natalino Barbizzi – Senior Project Manager/Coordinator

Fabrizio Torresi – Senior Project Manager

Giulia Lucertini, Lucia Evandri, Elisa Ricci, Marco Marzoni, Massimiliano Torresi – Junior Project Manager

Mara Morici – Senior EU Project Designer


 Climate-related catastrophes, has been increasing in EU and costs have consequently been placed upon communities, both in terms of human life and damage to environmental, social-cultural and economic assets. aims at reducing the socio-economic impact of natural disasters on complex urban systems, increasing city resilience and the safety of their people, reducing environmental, economic and material damage.


Through the analysis of existing standards for complex urban systems, defines models on climate change impacts on buildings and critical infrastructures considering economic impacts and impacts on human lives. EU Standards, innovative solutions and smarts tools to mitigate the effects or adapt critical infrastructures and buildings are defined and implemented in pilot areas, significantly exposed to, and representative of the specific natural hazards. identifies capacity building needs, creates training paths for developing multidisciplinary research capacity, increasing organization and operational skills of stakeholders, to adapt and mitigate catastrophes. The development of shared EU standards to ensure the functionality of urban systems leads to improve the level of resilience of buildings and critical infrastructures, through standardized and tested models. The consortium includes nine universities, one public authority, six SMEs/universities spin-off and two NGOs and assures a range of expertise selected for their relevance in responding to emergency conditions with structural and technologically advanced solutions. is relevant to the Work Programme in developing innovative solutions for the protection of critical building and infrastructures: their safety and their resilience are improved, using an approach that considers also the related strategic buildings (water consortia, electricity, gas/methane, etc.) in order to define general guidelines on resilience assessment and implementation.

 The Consortium is composed of 12 partners (university, Sme and NgO) from 8 EU countries.


DRS13 3


DRS13 1


DRS13 2

 Figure 12: distribution of the partner among Europe




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