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Studio Torresi at Fermo in central eastern Italy first began as an idea from Gino Torresi, who in 1952 established a design and consultancy firm, providing support to building administrators, companies and individuals.
The aim of Studio Torresi is to provide both consultancy and advice, focussing on research, the quality of the work and respect for the environment. Remaining unchanged to this day, this aim still represents Studio Torresi’s core values.
The steady growth in our activities and requests for collaboration from international study and research centres has led to highly prestigious results and a constant development in the quality and innovation of our projects.
Having worked on various projects around the world, the team at Studio Torresi have gained considerable experience and competence in the areas of restoration as well as rural, environmental and urban planning, eco-sustainable planning of historic centres, seismic risk assessment and general risk planning, as well as damage assessment.
Since the 1980s, the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has allowed Studio Torresi to develop state-of-the-art urban plans, and thanks to our research activities, we are able to assess mitigation of environmental and anthropogenic risks and offer consultancy for tenders (HORIZON, INTERREG, CARDS, IPA, SEE, LIFE +. etc.), including the ′Practical Guide to contract procedures′ (PRAG) for activities outside the EEC.
We have also participated in various international conferences and published numerous articles on issues affecting the urban planning and restoration sectors.
  • Design and planning
  • Spatial planning
  • General regulatory plans
  • Regeneration plans for historic centres
  • Seismic risk reduction plans
  • Advice and consulting
  • Renewable energy master plans
  • Regional / Provincial / Municipal energy plans
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
  • Tourism planning and development
  • Beach planning
  • Architectural design and construction management
  • New constructions
  • Building extensions
  • Energy recovery and redesign of existing buildingsi
  • Architectural design and works management
  • Public buildings
  • Sports facilities
  • Facilities for senior citizens
  • Regeneration, restoration and static consolidation of public sector buildings
  • Consultancy and advisory services
  • Environmental insertion and impact of new buildings or infrastructures connected to them
  • Regeneration of public sector buildings
  • Search for specific funding channels in the community
  • Architectural design and construction supervision
  • Restoration of protected historical buildings (churches, convent buildings, etc.)
  • Restoration of prestigious / listed buildings
  • Restoration of historical buildings (mills, fountains, rural buildings etc.)
Team leadership
  • Community projects (INTERREG, IPA, EuropeAID, SEE, etc.)
  • Participation and preparation of international calls for tenders (World Bank, EU, etc.)
  • Works supervision
  • Planning and work management
  • Design and work supervision
  • Agritourism buildings
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Tourist chalets
  • Shopping centres
  • Design and planning
  • Interior furnishing for residences, shops and tourist-accommodation facilities
  • Individual furnishings
  • Stand set-up
  • Elements of contemporary art (prints, sculptures, paintings on canvas, wood and other mediums)
  • Consulting and advisory services
  • Purchase of batch production materials
  • Purchase of period furniture
  • Interior remodelling
  • Project planning and construction supervision
  • Construction of new buildings
  • Energy efficiency in buildings (HOUSE-CLIMA method)
  • Restoration of existing buildings
  • Restoration of historic buildings using biocompatible materials
  • Planning advisory service
  • Conversion of existing accommodation facilities
  • Promotion and area marketing activities
In the sectors
  • Restoration and enhancement of historic centres
  • Mitigation and seismic risk analysis in historic centres
  • Sustainable development of large-scale areas
  • Use of renewable energies
  • Energy certification of new and existing buildings
  • VIA / VAS
  • Urban and rural land equalization
  • Project financing
Community planning (INTERREG, IPA, EuropeAID, SEE, etc.)
  • International tenders (World Bank, EU, etc.)
  • Manuals for the restoration sector
  • Industry publications
Founders and associates
Gino TORRESI – from 1952 to 2006
Fabrizio TORRESI – since 1981
Giulia TORRESI – since 1978
Riccardo TORRESI – since 2008
Michela PANICCIA’ – since 1990
Matteo SMERILLI – since 1999

Architectural CAD design sector
3 CAD operators
1 graphic designer specializing in solid rendering

GIS sector and cartography management
1 internal operator
2 external operators

Architecture and urban planning sector
2 internal managers

Restoration sector
1 internal manager

Interior design sector
1 internal manager

Specialist consultancy sector
1 manager

Accounting works
2 2 external collaborators

Land registry and plano-altimetric surveys
1 internal manager
4 external collaborators
Gallery Studio
Studio Torresi was founded in the Italian town of Fermo in 1952 and since then has been operating in the private and public construction sector, in the recovery of buildings and in planimetric road-layout surveys, in the boundary defining of lots and buildings of all kinds.
At the beginning of the 1980s, the Studio expanded its activities to the urban planning sector, the restoration of historic buildings, ecology and street furniture.
In the 1990s, having acquired specific professional qualifications, Studio Torresi broadened its commitment in the field of bio-architecture, with quality...
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